Reminder: No new show this weekend!

Taking one off for the new years holiday! But fear not, we will be back and in full force the following week. Next up for us? A blacksploitation western called, “Take a hard ride“. Followed up the next with, “Runaway“.

Check out some of the other FrogPants Studios shows in the meantime, and look for a new show the first week of the new year! HAPPY 2010, EVERYONE!


~ by Scott on December 31, 2009.

6 Responses to “Reminder: No new show this weekend!”

  1. You work Christmas eve doing this free podcast for us and then take a week off! I expect more for my free!!

    Enjoy the new year. Looking forward to Runaway. The thought of what you will say about Gene Simmons will make it worth listening to

  2. greatly enjoyed the Christmas podcast, simple comic gold.
    If I may I would like to reccomend a Brazilian film called “The Man Who Copied”.
    even if you don’t mention it in a podcast it’s a really good comedy. As a Brazilian it’s my favorite national film. Looking forward to the next podcast.

  3. I just went to watch Take a Hard Ride and it’s no longer streaming 😦 Guess I missed my chance.

  4. I also have a suggestion for a movie called “The Scratch” By Jorje Suarez. It was made for the low low price of $7,000. The only issue I see is that you may need two episodes for all the commentary. The film is full of people I know personally (none of which are actors) Including
    Filipe da Costa (as one of the main characters “Rodriguez”)
    both kidnappers, I also know the Director himself.

    Originally I was unhappy that I wasn’t asked to be a part of the film. Now I’m not so worried about it, as the movie is pretty bad. Anyway, I think “The Scratch” would be a great addition to the film sack with all it’s terrible acting, a plot that’s only hard to figure out because you’re missing key info till the last minute, and a budget so low you couldn’t use it to buy a 94′ Honda accord.

  5. crap…. I just realized that while “The Scratch” is on Netflix, It’s not streamed… crap on that

  6. Time to update this website?….maybe?…

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