Film Sack 09: “The one about Excalibur”

Welcome to episode 9. Today we watch and chat up the 1981 hit, Excalibur.

Not familiar with the movie? Check it out on Netflix Streaming, and IMDB for more information.

Join me, Randy, Brian and Ibbott while we grab swords out of the hands of chics in lakes and rivers so you don’t have to.

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Up next episode? Take a Hard Ride.


~ by Scott on December 25, 2009.

9 Responses to “Film Sack 09: “The one about Excalibur””

  1. 1. Talk about pressure. This movie is not available in Instant View come Jan 1, 2010…. hurry up and watch.
    2. Scott, Just because you don’t like seeing a guys noodle seems so unfair since you get to see so much boobies all the time in movies and I rarely get to see noodles in movies… and those normally shown in cold weather scenes 😉 or they are computer generated (WatchMen)
    3. What are these other sources for movies (other than Netflix) you mention in the opening duologue trailer of your podcast?
    4. Magazines are always running list articles because people like them. SO I hope you looked at this more because it was a list.

  2. I liked Merlin.

    The fact is, the guy is so far from what normal people are that he should look extremely eccentric. (Like Dr. Who)

    His talk about the dragon (being able to see everything in existence at once) and you’re surprised he acts crazy?

  3. Merlin was the best thing, that and Helen Mirren’s boobs.

  4. He also directed ZARDOZ!!!

    (you have, have, have to watch this one. heh)

  5. Re: Camelot 3000

    Also check out Mage by Matt Wagner.
    Similar premise, but i feel was done better, but not revealed until late in the series. The first “book” is awesome.

  6. “I can’t believe you missed…”

    First – MAJOR creep factor: John Boorman cast his own daughter as Igraine and then proceeded to film her rather brutal rape.

    Second: Yes, the cinematography was wonderful, but apparently they were so wrapped up in composing those beautiful widescreen panoramas that in one (actually, several) of the most egregious film bloopers of all time nobody seemed to notice that you can see the entire film crew reflected in the ever-so-shiny armor! The most obvious example is late in the film when Arthur visits Guenevere in her cell and she presents him with the “lost” Excalibur” – you can see the director and crew and all the film equipment spread across Arthur’s back, including the boom mic going right up his shoulder.

    Looking forward to the next installment…

  7. while playing .mkv files i am not getting sound is there any way to solve it? any help would be appreciated!

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