Next up on Film Sack? Find out in 2010!


A reminder to all that our next film will be “2010: The Year We Make Contact”. Netflix streaming has it, and so should you! The new episode will air this Friday, November 6th, 2009.


~ by Scott on November 2, 2009.

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  1. Hey Guys, once again a great show. It is a great blend of people.

    As for the question as to What is the Monolith, if you read the books you will find out that the monoliths are machines put into place many years ago by a race to create intelligent life. In the movie 2001 when the monolith appears amongst the sleeping apes, it is actually changing the brain patterns of the ape-men while they sleep. Hence the ability to suddenly think for themselves and to create weapons. The monolith buried on the moon was a transmitter that once the sun hit (and could only activate after mankind had reached a certain evolutionary stage to be able to find it and dig it up) it activated to send a signal to the monolith that is hanging around Jupiter and to cause mankind to want to go and investigate what is out there that the signal was sent to. When they come to the oversize monolith in 2001 it actually becomes a stargate (hence him seeing it full of stars). Not shown in the movie but in the book when the astronaut is traveling through the monolith in his journey, he makes several stops along the way to observe giant alien space stations with all sorts of space vehicles (like a giant parking garage in space) and I believe he sees some planets with intelligent life on them and gets to observe. When he finally arrives at that apartment and starts to age in 2001 it is basically him dying and being genetically changed to be reborn as the next step in mans planned evoloution, hence the baby.

    In 2010 when the monolith shoots that first light ball out of it, it is the former astronaut in his new reborn self heading to earth to say his good-byes. In the end shot it is there to help form and create life on the Jupiter Moon, eventually as the new life evolves it will be able to do space travel and to meet man (but that is left to a possible other book that I don’t think ever got written).

  2. OH, and the special effect of the computer guy in Hal’s Brain and spinning one way or the other to access control panels… notice you only see him from head on and you don’t see his feet. Basically he was attached to a spit that ran up his legs and his back under his clothes. He just spun himself around as needed.

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