Film Sack #1: “The One About Krull”


We did it! Episode one is UP! We reached way down into the Netflix Streaming hole and pulled out a hot fresh pile of KRULL. Listen in as we talk about plot, characters, special effects, play clips, and have a blast while we do it.

Not familiar with 1983’s “KRULL”? Check it out on Netflix Streaming, and IMDB for more information.

Join me, Randy, Brian and Bibby for my favorite new thing to do. 🙂

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~ by Scott on October 30, 2009.

18 Responses to “Film Sack #1: “The One About Krull””

  1. Awsome i Love Film and randy and scot are awsome but i would LOVE it if you could do some 80’s Films because im doin a Project on the 1980’s ATM and iv got Lots of films but don’t know much about them!!! so yeah BYE

  2. Holy crap Batman!

    Another Scott Johnson PC?

    Where will I find the time to listen to all this good stuff? 🙂

  3. GLAIVE!!

  4. Loved this movie. Just watched a few weeks ago on Netflix in fact.

  5. Really enjoyed listening to this. I already listen to AppSlappy, ELR and the Instance and this is a great new addition to the Scott Johnson podcast empire.

    Maybe at some point you’ll give the Film Sack treatment to The Ewok Adventure? That was one of my favorites when I was a little girl.

    Looking forward to the next episode.

  6. First, Love the idea for the new show.
    Second Krull has always been one of my favorite Sci-fi movie. I always want to own a Glaive.

  7. Awesome another podcast with Scott and Randy. Now I can listen to the best podcasters twice a week while at work!

  8. Its getting to the point that I have to pick and choose what podcasts to listen to because I don’t have time to listen to all the good ones! *CURSE YOU SCOTT JOHNSON!!!*

  9. MAN! I am so lovin’ this Podcast! Scott and Company had me laughing the whole podcast. My next toon in WOW will totally be Titch.

  10. Great great great show! Just what I was hoping for, there are just too many straight review podcasts, this was something so else from that.

    One quick note,(potential) millions of listeners have no idea what/where/how of Netflix, and it’s dropped a lot in the show. It’s cool if you’re getting sponsorship, but just some explanation woulf be great. (In the UK we have LoveFilm for postal stuff and 4-OD, BBC I-Player (both free) and Filmflex (on-demand cable movies) plus some others.

  11. Totally love this new podcast. I grew up in the 80’s and couldn’t agree with you guys more on this movie. I watched this when I was 13 or so in the theater and I remember turning to my buddies and saying this exactly “If those damn horses fly off the cliff and keep going, I am out of here.” That is exactly what they did though and we stayed regardless.

  12. Great episode! Funny and still some entertaining analysis of the film. Looking forward to hearing the 2010 discussion…(renting it now from iTunes (since Netflix refuses to give options for overseas customers…grrrr)

  13. Great show guys, I geeked out completely listening to this – never seen this movie actually, but not for long! Thinking of movies for you to talk about is tough. Pretty populist movie, but Time Bandits has to be worth a discussion one day – one in a long line of movies where Sean Connery decided he didn’t need to change his accent to own the movie…Highlander anyone?

  14. They used to have Krull style weddings in Las Vegas. I was just a kid still when I read about them, but for some reason remember that they exist(ed). I can’t find any relevant links now, unfortunately.

  15. I remember the summer Krull came out, wanting to see it, but never got the chance to see it in theaters. Luckily it made it into pretty heavy rotation on cable in the mid-80’s.

    Looking forward to 2010, a movie I actually still enjoy. Parts of it still hold up, but then again, some parts are very dated.

  16. As soon as I saw the Glaive I put it into a D&D dungeon when I was but a teen. 1D12 plus strength bonus. Yes it could return to you also. I love all these movies and love MST3K. Look forward to the podcasts.

  17. I’d love to listen to your new podcast but your site times out when I click on the mp3 link.

  18. When I noticed that Krull was in the Netflix Instant View list I just had to watch it…then just a short time later I find this! Great show…not that I’m surprised,I’m a big Coverville fan too!

    May I recommend for this show a movie that I just watched through Netflix which is not currently available on DVD…it’s only ever gotten a VHS release, but it played endlessly on cable in 80’s. Helen Slater in “The Legend of Bilie Jean,” it was made for this show. A guilty pleasure for sure.

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