Welcome to the FilmSack Podcast!

Welcome to FilmSack! Let me quote the about page.

Each week, the FilmSack crew picks a strange movie from the bowels of Netflix streaming and splatters it all over your inner ear. Sometimes it’s a long forgotten horror movie from the 70′. Sometimes it’s a under the radar gem of brilliance from last year. One way or the other, this is not your typical movie show.

Join Scott Johnson and his FilmSack pals, Brian Ibbot, Brian Dunaway, and Randy Jordan, as they swim in a big vat of film-nerd sweat, and capture it all on tape!

Scott Johnson is the founder of FrogPants Studios, and the creator of webcomics like Extralife and Experience Points. Brian Ibbot is the host of the long running and extremely awesome podcast, Coverville. Brian Dunaway co-hosts ExtraLife Radio with Scott, and also hosts ComicsCoastToCoast and is the artist behind Guy In A Bush. Randy Jordan co-hosts The Instance with Scott, and has a wicked awesome blog.

Get all that with links here. That about covers it! Our first episode will publish the morning of October31st (Halloween). Subscribe by iTunes early, or check back here on the 31st! See you then!


~ by Scott on October 23, 2009.

6 Responses to “Welcome to the FilmSack Podcast!”

  1. I look forward to checking it out!


    Scott, you have 2 sets of sunglasses on in that pic.

  2. I have been waiting for this podcast and didn’t even KNOW it! Very exciting stuff!

  3. I’m very excited about this concept. So often I look at the Netflix On Demand queue and am paralyzed with indecision. There are so many craptastic looking titles I’m tempted to sample. Who has that kind of time!?

    One request – will you please give an advance warning (day or so) on what title you’ll be featuring? I will enjoy this podcast 10x more if I’ve familiarized myself with whatever you intend to skewer.

    Also, had an idea (though probably unfeasible, especially now that Scott’s 360 has a bad case of “red ring”) – Netflix viewing parties?

  4. missing some female perspective here!

    but mayne randy is enough! 😉

  5. Followed the link from myextralife sounds like its going to be awesome any idea when the first episode will be?

  6. oops sorry never mind i accidentally read over the part about the time and date

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